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The Use of Ultra Narrow Platform 2.75mm Implants

CloseFit™ UNP Case Study

Esthetic dental replacement is usually one of the most challenging surgeries for dental physicians.


Due to trauma or bone loss, dentists have to deal with inadequate bone width and bone height.


However, in the last few years, the use of Ultra Narrow 2.75 mm Implants has given great results, thanks to the good initial stability which can make immediate loading possible. 

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Ultra Narrow Platform 2.75mm Implants 

Find out the results of the cases:

  • Case 1: Restoration of Missing Permanent Anterior Incisors in the Mandible
  • Case 2: Restoration of Missing Permanent Upper Right Lateral Incisor 
  • Case 3: Upper Jaw Rehabilitation using an Implant Supported Denture
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